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Month: July 2007

Coyote pup killed in park

The coyote pup was apparently hit by a car. A week or so ago, when adult coyotes attacked a large dog and were later shot, I speculated that “to go after such a formidable opponent suggests the coyotes were protecting a den.”

“Officials are trying to determine if the youngster is related to the pair of animals that was shot last week”

UPDATE: The Chronicle is suggesting that the coyotes became more aggressive as a result of people feeding them.

Virgin Airlines

VA’s new domestic airline is based in San Francisco. Right now they’re only flying to LA and NYC, but more destinations will be added. Introductory one-way fares are $44 to LA and $139 to NYC; Jet Blue has said it will match Virgin’s fares.

I flew Virgin nonstop to London from San Francisco once, and it was a very civilized experience, as these things go nowadays. I’m happy to have them in SF.

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Tu Lan

tu lan

How could Gridskipper post a feature on San Francisco’s best hole-in-the-wall restaurants and not mention Tu Lan? I mean, this place defines the term hole-in-the-wall.To begin with, it’s located in the unlikeliest place, Sixth Street between Market and Mission. But if you can step over the drunks you find yourself in a place that is … well, a little grimy.

Okay, maybe it’s the “best” part they stumbled on. But the food is generally good — hearty, unpretentious Vietnamese fare. I don’t eat there a lot, but I’ve been in a few times over the years, and you’ve got to hand it to this place, it’s consistent. I never got addicted though, like I did the the great Henry’s Hunan.

Incongruously, the menu features a rave from Julia Childs. Sure it’s from decades ago, but I swear this place never changes.

Omid T, over at Yelp, put it like this:

Grimy, grubby, filthy, sullied, icky, grotty, dodgy, sketchy, minging, manky, stanky muck.

Tasty, yummy, scrummy, nummy, gettin’ chummy in my tummy, get in line and order, dummy, like an Asian taco truck.

Goi cuon, Cha gio, Bi cuon, Banh xeo, Hoanh thanh, Pho bo, Mi xao, Bo xao, Xao rau, Bo xa, Tom kho, eat them up yo – none of ’em suck.

The health department, CDC, your church, your priest, and ministry, your HMO or PPO, the doctors and the dentistry wish you best of luck.

Wildlife uprising, part 3

According to the Chronicle, a great white shark took offense at a red kayak in the waters near San Mateo. A guy identified as “Dan” was fishing for rockfish from the kayak at the time of the attack.

When the shark hit the kayak Dan was thrown into the water, from which vantage he observed the shark using the bow of his boat as a toothpick. Nonetheless, he decided his best strategy was to get back into the vessel, “even though it was still on the nose.”

At that point the shark shrugged off the boat in disgust and swam off, no doubt muttering bitterly to itself about ocean polution. Dan headed in the opposite direction at high speed, despite again falling out of the kayak, which had become unstable, a couple of times along the way. After a while he was hailed by a friend who asked, “How did you do?”

“I got a couple fish,” said Dan, “and a shark.”

Secret List of Buildings You Can’t Photograph

bay bridge, san francisco

I took this photo of the Bay Bridge from the Ferry Building. But a while ago when my daughter was at the Ferry Building she was accosted by a security guy as she was shooting pictures. I suppose much of my photography is travel photography, whereas Ellen is more of an art photographer. So she might shoot unusual subjects, sometimes from odd perspectives. In this case she appears to have pointed her camera the wrong way, because a security guy grabbed her and tried to intimidate her with a a lot of questions. Then he took her to his supervisor, and together they continued the interrogation, which ended with them taking down a lot of her personal information.

Well, it turns out the Department of Homeland Security has a secret list of buildings that must not be photographed — but they won’t release the list. Marc Fisher quotes a police chief in the Washington Post:

I am certainly not implying that a person taking photographs is inherently “suspicious,” but when the appearance is that the subject of a photograph is a government installation, officers have a duty to ensure the safety of the occupants of this structure.

To which Fisher replies:

Hmmm. Any government installation? This overly broad approach to security is why we end up with ridiculous horror stories about innocent tourists getting hassled for taking photos of the Lincoln Memorial or the Department of the Interior … utterly ignoring the fact that the Soviet empire collapsed under the weight of its own paranoid security apparatus….

Boing Boing
Washington Post

Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset

I guess if you’re doing a San Francisco-related blog sooner or later you have to post a sunset shot of the bridge. San Francisco is not really known for spectacular sunsets — something to do with the fog, the latitude, the climate, I don’t know. But occasionally we get a stunner. This picture was taken from the Oakland hills earlier this year.

golden gate bridge at sunset

Wildlife uprising continues in the city

coyoteFirst it was uppity sea lions. Now it’s coyotes. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, coyotes are attacking dogs in Golden Gate Park.

Coyotes disappeared from the city after the 1906 earthquake. They appear to have returned sometime in the past decade via the south peninsula. Recently a coyote was tracked with an electronic device, revealing that it traveled to Daly City and back in a single day (a trip that is agonizingly slow for commuters).

Over the weekend coyotes attacked a Rhodesian ridgeback, a large dog bred to hunt lions, in the park. To go after such a formidable opponent suggests the coyotes were protecting a den.

I have heard that city officials have killed the coyotes that attacked the dog, though I have yet to see an official report to that effect.

UPDATE: Yep, the shootings have been confirmed.

LINK: San Francisco Chronicle: “Coyotes attack dogs in Golden Gate Park,” by Jim Herron Zamora.

Video: Newsreel of 1906 San Francisco earthquake

Edison newsreels of earthquake.

San Francisco Magic

knight bus

Wizards and witches converged on the SFPL’s main branch today to express their support for Mr. Harry Potter, who is currently engaged in a struggle against the forces of evil. 225 fans, aged 12 and under, were selected by lottery to board the Knight Bus and make a short video declaring their love of the Harry Potter books;

inside the knight bus

the videos will, I suppose, be used by Scholastic in promoting the series — though it scarcely needs promoting — as a backlist property, now that what is supposed to be the final book is being released.

library table performer

The city’s librarians were out promoting the library, and a variety of divertisements were provided.

By coincidence, in a front page article in the NYT today, headlined “Potter Magic Has Limited Effect on Youngsters’ Reading Habits,” Motoko Rich writes that “As the series draws to its much-lamented close, federal statistics show that the percentage of youngsters who read for fun continues to drop significantly as children get older, at almost exactly the same rate as before Harry Potter came along.”

daniel radcliffe

photoshop practice: sketch of daniel radcliffe by tc

Hey, Harry’s a clever lad, but Evil has some tricks of its own. Demagoguery loves ignorance.


The Josh Kornbluth Show

Josh Kornbluth’s show on KQED television is up for a possible renewal for a third year. A show of community support could tip the balance in the show’s favor. If you would like to see it continue, consider writing to one of these addresses:

  • Office of the President: pres [AT] kqed [dot] org
  • Viewer Services: tv [AT] kqed [dot] org
  • The Josh Kornbluth Show: jkshow [AT] kqed [dot] org

You can also comment on Josh’s KQED blog.

Disclosure: I published Josh’s Red Diaper Baby. You can read about the process of designing it here.

Taxi fare finder

Want to know how much your ride will set you back? At taxiwiz you can get an estimate by entering your starting and destination addresses, or even just by clicking the map.

Cleaning the Bay

bleaning the bay

This photo is from a set posted to Flickr entitled “San Francisco Bay Debris – KQED QUEST.” The photos document voluntary Bay cleanup by a group of San Francisco sailors, who were moved to action when a seaplane crashed into a telephone poll that was floating in the bay — sixty-five years ago. According to a the site, “Ever since, a group of Sausalito sailors has toiled as San Francisco Bay’s unheralded trash collectors — removing everything from floating concrete to dead bodies.”

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