Growing by the Bay

Golden Gate Bridge, Sunset

I guess if you’re doing a San Francisco-related blog sooner or later you have to post a sunset shot of the bridge. San Francisco is not really known for spectacular sunsets — something to do with the fog, the latitude, the climate, I don’t know. But occasionally we get a stunner. This picture was taken from the Oakland hills earlier this year.

golden gate bridge at sunset


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  1. Nancy

    That is a gorgeous post – do you mind if I send a copy of it to my sister in Minnesota so that I can brag about how beautiful SF is? We have a bit of sisterly joking going on; she teases me about SF for all the usual reasons and I tell her that it must be hard to live in the tundra and have to depend on huskies to get around in the winter!

  2. tom

    Of course I don’t mind!

    What I especially remember about Minnesota is the mosquitos.

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