knight bus

Wizards and witches converged on the SFPL’s main branch today to express their support for Mr. Harry Potter, who is currently engaged in a struggle against the forces of evil. 225 fans, aged 12 and under, were selected by lottery to board the Knight Bus and make a short video declaring their love of the Harry Potter books;

inside the knight bus

the videos will, I suppose, be used by Scholastic in promoting the series — though it scarcely needs promoting — as a backlist property, now that what is supposed to be the final book is being released.

library table performer

The city’s librarians were out promoting the library, and a variety of divertisements were provided.

By coincidence, in a front page article in the NYT today, headlined “Potter Magic Has Limited Effect on Youngsters’ Reading Habits,” Motoko Rich writes that “As the series draws to its much-lamented close, federal statistics show that the percentage of youngsters who read for fun continues to drop significantly as children get older, at almost exactly the same rate as before Harry Potter came along.”

daniel radcliffe

photoshop practice: sketch of daniel radcliffe by tc

Hey, Harry’s a clever lad, but Evil has some tricks of its own. Demagoguery loves ignorance.