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Warriors Parade sign

Golden State Warriors 2017 championship parade photos

Waaar-i-ors! Great fun at the GSW championship parade. I missed some of the players and coaches, but I did get several cool photos. Here are a few.

young fan on lamp post

Fans were climbing the urban landscape for views of the Dubs.

Steph and Lebron

Steph breaks down LBJ

Great slo-mo video (might take a moment to load).


An obscenity

We’ve all read the stories about the University of California’s budget problems. High adminstrator salaries. Tightening the screws on the grunt laborers who do all the actual work. Furlough days for teachers. Raising student fees. Etc.

Okay, now guess how much just one of the schools in the system is paying to just one athletic coach. The coach in question is Jeff Tedford, who coaches men’s football on the Berkeley campus.

Okay, I won’t make you guess. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Tedford is paid $1,850,000 per year. If I know Cal, and football, he probably gets a bunch of perks on top of that.

If that’s not obscene I don’t know what is.


Image from by Tracy O’s photostream



Two hoopsters with Bay Area ties — Baron Davis and Steve Nash — appear in this spoof of the movie Step Brothers. Nash outshines Diddy in this one.

NBA playoffs

The Warriors got bounced, despite winning more games than any modern team that failed to make the playoffs. It didn’t help that they lost every big game down the stretch.

Under my nom de forum of Ali Hoop, I am, however, doing a little better than the Dubs did. Midway through the first round I’m still within striking distance of the coveted Prix WarriorsWorld.Net for the most dead-on playoff predictions.

UPDATE, 5/04, beginning of second round. Moved up to the four spot.
UPDATE, 5/08, near midway of second round. Now in no. two spot.

wwnet 2008 playoff predictions

The crookedest big wheel race

I don’t mean the race is fixed. Certainly not! But it’s down Lombard Street, which is renowned, hyperbolically but conventionally, as the crookedest street in the world. Apparently every Easter the big boy and girls come out and challenge the hill on their big wheels. Hills! Thrills! Spills! Well, just have a look …

Friday Roundup

Notes from a week of travel in virtual NoCal.

Bonds media frenzy

bonds media frenzy

Coming into work very early on Friday, before the sun was up, I couldn’t miss a swarm of broadcast media setting up their lights and cameras around the old federal building on Golden Gate St. I asked a cameraman what it was all about. “Bonds,” he said.

Entering my building I mentioned this to the security guard. “Everyone knows he’s guilty,” he said.

Later a squadron of helicopters joined the circus.

What a lot of uproar about some steroids. Ironically, our governor is this guy (image from

arnold schwarzenegger, governor of california

Warriors practice

The team looks loose for today’s game against the Knicks.

Warriors World

Okay, here’s a rare FriscoVista sports post. The only sport I really follow is professional basketball, and my team is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors forum I like is This recommendation comes with a warning: a lot of these guys are quarrelsome, obnoxious, boorish, ignorant, sophomoric, and crude. Several posters are homophobic, and occasionally some idiot will post racist or misogynistic content. And the mood of the board swings wildly: after every loss they want to fire the coach and trade all the players, and after every win they expect to go to the NBA finals. But the board should not be judged on the basis of a few loose canons. These guys are avid about their team, and I like this site better than the more antiseptic Golden State of Mind. There are some contributors here who are pretty knowledgeable about the NBA. Click the screenshot to visit the site.

Congratulations, Cardinal

The Stanford football team, a 40 point underdog, just upset the number one ranked team, USC.

My Bad

manute bolYou hear it all
the time now.
But, believe it
or not, there
was a time when
people said “my
fault” instead
of “my bad.”
Where did the
new phrase begin?

Maybe Oaktown.
I first heard the
phrase spoken by
GW Warriors center
Manute Bol. And
it just sounded
so like Manute,
it was perfect.

Well, it says here
that Manute may
indeed have coined
the phrase (or
maybe not).

Frisco lingo!

Public Tennis Courts in San Francisco

anne white at wimbledonCity Tennis has a page that lists the city’s public courts. It includes Google Map of the courts as well as pictures. Handy!

The image at left is of Anne White at Wimbledon in 1986. See what ESPN had to say about her unitard here.

UPDATE: Looks like the “related posts” program is having trouble with this one!

Bay Respect

Thanks to Eruthros for pointing out these two Bay Area-related videos. They may at first seem unrelated, but both are calls for respect. First, a music video for Zion I‘s “The Bay.” In the video the hip hop group drives around the Bay Area, through many of the locations referenced in the song.

The second video is dedicated to the Golden State Warriors’ long-suffering scoring guard Jason Richardson, who has finally made the NBA playoffs for the first time this year. Nice sound track. There’s a bit of hip hop in this video too.

Golden State Warriors

boomdizzleThe Bay Area’s NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, must be contending for some kind of record for futility. They’ve missed the playoffs 25 out of the past 30 years. Despite this record, they somehow have retained a rabid fan base.

Of the five times the Warriors have made the POs in the past three decades, four were under coach Don Nelson. Now they have a good shot at making it again, after an absence of twelve years — once again under Nelson, who returned this year to again coach the team.

With two games to play the Warriors hold the eighth and final playoff spot. On Tuesday they face the Mavericks, owners of the NBA’s best record. Can they prevail?

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