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Golden State Warriors 2017 championship parade photos

Waaar-i-ors! Great fun at the GSW championship parade. I missed some of the players and coaches, but I did get several cool photos. Here are a few.

Steph breaks down LBJ

Great slo-mo video (might take a moment to load). Steph Curry dancing…in #PhantomCam! — NBA (@NBA) June 5, 2017 Waaarrriiiooorrrsss!!!

An obscenity

We’ve all read the stories about the University of California’s budget problems. High adminstrator salaries. Tightening the screws on the grunt laborers who do all the actual work….


Two hoopsters with Bay Area ties — Baron Davis and Steve Nash — appear in this spoof of the movie Step Brothers. Nash outshines Diddy in this one.

NBA playoffs

The Warriors got bounced, despite winning more games than any modern team that failed to make the playoffs. It didn’t help that they lost every big game down…

The crookedest big wheel race

I don’t mean the race is fixed. Certainly not! But it’s down Lombard Street, which is renowned, hyperbolically but conventionally, as the crookedest street in the world. Apparently…

Bonds media frenzy

Coming into work very early on Friday, before the sun was up, I couldn’t miss a swarm of broadcast media setting up their lights and cameras around the…

Warriors practice

The team looks loose for today’s game against the Knicks.

Congratulations, Cardinal

The Stanford football team, a 40 point underdog, just upset the number one ranked team, USC.

My Bad

You hear it all the time now. But, believe it or not, there was a time when people said “my fault” instead of “my bad.” Where did the…

Public Tennis Courts in San Francisco

City Tennis has a page that lists the city’s public courts. It includes Google Map of the courts as well as pictures. Handy! The image at left is…

Bay Respect

Thanks to Eruthros for pointing out these two Bay Area-related videos. They may at first seem unrelated, but both are calls for respect. First, a music video for…

Golden State Warriors

The Bay Area’s NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, must be contending for some kind of record for futility. They’ve missed the playoffs 25 out of the past…