NBA playoffs

The Warriors got bounced, despite winning more games than any modern team that failed to make the playoffs. It didn’t help that they lost every big game down the stretch.

Under my nom de forum of Ali Hoop, I am, however, doing a little better than the Dubs did. Midway through the first round I’m still within striking distance of the coveted Prix WarriorsWorld.Net for the most dead-on playoff predictions.

UPDATE, 5/04, beginning of second round. Moved up to the four spot.
UPDATE, 5/08, near midway of second round. Now in no. two spot.

wwnet 2008 playoff predictions

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  1. Claire

    Congrats! I’m currently a bit depressed by the losses of the Suns to the Spurs — I know the Spurs are heavily favored, but I think the Suns are so much more fun to watch that I’d hoped they’d make it to the second round.

  2. Well, the Suns are not the same team sice they traded Marion for Shaq — a trade that isn’t looking too great in hindsight/