The crookedest big wheel race

I don’t mean the race is fixed. Certainly not! But it’s down Lombard Street, which is renowned, hyperbolically but conventionally, as the crookedest street in the world. Apparently every Easter the big boy and girls come out and challenge the hill on their big wheels. Hills! Thrills! Spills! Well, just have a look …

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  1. I feel sorry for anybody who lives on that street. What a nighmare of cars and now, scooters, 24/7. Sure, you can have great views but the traffic is so not worth it. I worked one summer at a gallery where we had a view of that portion of Lombard and the traffic was backed up from morning to night.

  2. This is a very interesting race, indeed. Love the video.

  3. actually, the residents on lombard don’t mind that much. it’s a lot more entertaining that the tourists who drive down there every day. the streetcars stop in the middle of the intersection at the top of the hill so the riders can watch. in the years they’ve held the race, none of the residents have called the police. i’ve been there twice, it’s really a lot of fun.