An obscenity

We’ve all read the stories about the University of California’s budget problems. High adminstrator salaries. Tightening the screws on the grunt laborers who do all the actual work. Furlough days for teachers. Raising student fees. Etc.

Okay, now guess how much just one of the schools in the system is paying to just one athletic coach. The coach in question is Jeff Tedford, who coaches men’s football on the Berkeley campus.

Okay, I won’t make you guess. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Tedford is paid $1,850,000 per year. If I know Cal, and football, he probably gets a bunch of perks on top of that.

If that’s not obscene I don’t know what is.


Image from by Tracy O’s photostream


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  1. Consider my comment a long, high pitched and furious scream. I worked at UC for 30 years and saw these obscene salaries become more and more common – while the “lowly” worker had his or her salary cut, cut, cut and workload increased ever high. There really is something rotten in the state of California education.

  2. annexensen

    Lets shut down more state parks so we can give this guy more money