Waaar-i-ors! Great fun at the GSW championship parade. I missed some of the players and coaches, but I did get several cool photos. Here are a few.

young fan on lamp post

Fans were climbing the urban landscape for views of the Dubs.

kids on dads.

Younger fans found compliant perches.

old-school jerseys

Old-school jerseys were mixed in with current ones. Here the We Believe and Run TMC eras are evoked.


Lots of balloons, lots of blue and gold.

celebrating fans

Spirits ran high.


The Dubs can’t be beat.

Matt Barnes

What would a championship be without a Barnes?


Fitz was speechless.

Shouting fan

But fans were vocal.


After all, Dub are no. 1, right Mr. McAdoo?

Ed Lee

This guy is stealing our team. WTF was he doing in an Oaktown parade?


Oh well, it’s all good. We’re all Dubs fans today. Oakland’s mayor rode with MC Hammer in a giant snail. So hah.

A. Foyle

This Warriors team will not be Foyled.


KD, man. Nuff said!

Bob Myers

The architect.

S Dot

This is a cool guy here. Look how happy S-Dot is!


Dray made a few quickie saunters through the crowd

Lucky cart vehicle

The snail wasn’t the only amusing vehicle. Haters always say the Dubs are lucky. Well, am I feeling lucky, punk? Am I? Why yes, I am.


Zaza rocked some retro tech.


Another cool guy. Statistics say JaVale is the only rat-tale NBA champion.

Ian Clark

Ian Clark was having a good time.

Steve Kerr

Coach Kerr summoned his inner Draymond and mingled with the crowd.

Steph and Ayesha

So now, ladies and gentlemen, it is star time. Are you ready for star time? Nationally and internationally known as the most creative man in hoops business, Mr. Dynamite, the Amazing Mr. Please Please himself, the star of the show, Stephen Curry, and the famous Ayesha!

more balloons

Until next year . . .