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Staghorn Fern and Tree Fern

This superb example of a Staghorn Fern at the UC Botanical Garden led me to look a little deeper at this remarkable plant.

Pool garden, year four

Here’s a glimpse of the swimming pool that became a garden, now in its fourth year -hard to believe it’s been that many already.

Pool garden, year 2 panorama

Panorama of pool garden, year 2 on CleVR.com

We actually took a step backward this year, in a way, because we expanded the garden by taking out more concrete, and so we undid some of our work from last year. But the garden recovered nicely and is doing well, especially considering our cold, gloomy June. The monster plants on the right are tomatoes, which are already starting to bear fruit.

pool garden, year two

pool garden, year 2

This year we decided to expand the garden that used to be a swimming pool. We broke up the decking that used to surround the pool.

Expanding the pool garden

The pool garden — the garden that used to be a swimming pool — turned out so well that we are expanding it. We hired a guy to…

Pool garden after four months

the swimming pool garden in august

In April we filled in our swimming pool and turned it into a garden. This is what the garden looks like at the beginning of August.

Pool garden after two weeks

pool garden at two weeks

Well, three weeks, but we were away on vacation for one. Recently we filled in our swimming pool, which has now become a garden. I had some plants in containers waiting to be transplanted, and I’ve planted a bunch of other stuff as seeds. The garden is still a little raw, but I’m reasonably happy with the progress so far.