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How to get from SFO to the Oakland Airport

delta airlines offers flights from SFO to OAK

Most people would probably take BART and the Oakland International Airport connector shuttle. (The trip takes about 45 minutes and costs around $10.)

But Delta Airlines offers a new option. Their “Weekly Fare Specials” newsletters alerts travelers to the special fare of $69 from SFO to OAK.

You will go through Salt Lake City, where you will have about an hour layover. Your total time for the trip will be around four hours, not counting the usual air travel issues of security and the like.

Such a deal!


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  1. That’s almost as bad as visiting Santa Maria where my mother lives. There are no direct flights so you have to go to LA (airport security check in and out), wait for the one flight a day to Santa Maria (another air port security check + waiting, waiting, waiting) and take the 45 minute flight on a very shaky puddle jumper to the Santa Maria Airport. Amtrack takes less time and is cheaper!
    I’d love to know who would take the plane from SFO to Oakland? On the other hand, since I’ve stumbled over clueless travelers sprawling their luggage all over the BART aisles, maybe they SHOULD take the plane.

  2. its tom

    I once did take a flight from SFO to OAK. It was in the late 80s, and I thought I was actually flying to Chicago. No sooner had we taken off than we began our descent. After we landed, I asked the flight attendant if there was some kind of problem. “Oh no,” she said, “this was a scheduled stop”. We picked up a bunch of military personnel, and then went on to Chicago. I have a hard time believing that this actually happened, but I had called my wife from the Oakland airport, and she remembers it too. WTF?

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