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How to get from SFO to the Oakland Airport

delta airlines offers flights from SFO to OAK

Most people would probably take BART and the Oakland International Airport connector shuttle. (The trip takes about 45 minutes and costs around $10.)

But Delta Airlines offers a new option. Their “Weekly Fare Specials” newsletters alerts travelers to the special fare of $69 from SFO to OAK.

You will go through Salt Lake City, where you will have about an hour layover. Your total time for the trip will be around four hours, not counting the usual air travel issues of security and the like.

Such a deal!


image from Drewski2112’s photostream


Dog, cat, rat

A designer I’ve been working with on a book project reported today that he saw a guy in downtown San Francisco walking a dog. Okay, no big deal. Except on the dog’s back was a cat. But it doesn’t stop there — on the back of the cat was a rat.

Even though I’ve lived in the city for a long time I still had to say “Come on, do you expect me to believe that?” But even then I knew it was true. And here’s the confirmation.


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