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A late spring

Spring has come late for us in the Bay Area this year. Ordinarily our spring is around Groundhog’s Day. Now, after an extremely dry January and February, with a lot of frosts (which is also unusual), we’re finally starting to see signs of spring.

I received a new camera, an Olympus E-PL2, a couple of days ago and took of few pictures of the garden yesterday. (The E-PL2 is a micro four thirds mirrorless camera that has a near-DSL-size sensor but a small body.) This was a tough year for the garden, but things always look brighter at springtime.

Last year we bought some new fruit trees (apricots, figs, and limes). The apricots are blossoming:

apricot blossoms - P3080274

As are the plums.

plum blossoms - P3080276

The outdoor jade plants didn’t mind the dry weather.

jade plant - P3080271

Of course there’s no holding back the lemons (the persimmon in front is still thinking things over, however).

lemons - P3080279

And there are some fuschia flowers out.

fuschia flower - P3080281

fuschia flower - P3080282


Good-bye, Bay Bridge


Huntington desert garden

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  1. You lucky folks!

    I’ve got the the fucias, (one of my favourites) and the plums.

    Wish I had the climate here in the UK so I could grow exotic fruits of my own…

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