Calandrinia spectabilis flower.

Calandrinia spectabilis flower.

Calandrinia spectabilis — the rare plant with no real common name (though some commercial growers are trying to brand it as Rock Purslane) — is native to the deserts of Chile. In does very well in our area. For one thing, it needs virtually no water. After five years of drought that’s a big plus, even if this last year set records for wetness. I mean, it doesn’t just manage for a while without water, it outright laughs at drought.  So it’s a great plant to put in that corner that the garden hose is hard to get to.

I got mine at Annie’s Annuals. Usually in these posts I do a thorough review of online information and resources (see, for example, here, here, and here). But in this case, Annie’s blurb really says it all:

This spectacular Chilean perennial gets my highest recommendation as the best, super EASY, everblooming, deer-resistantplant for a dry garden or difficult spot. Blooming from May to forever (mine was still in full bloom at the end of November), this most robust succulent produces a continuous supply of hundreds of bouncy, bright cerise, 1.5,” single, rose-like flowers –without deadheading! Color coordinating, attractive, blue-green foliage spreads quickly into a dense, 15” x 4’ groundcover, suppressing all weeds as it grows. Do give it a home in that parking strip that looks so sad, (it’s kid proof!) that blah hillside or anywhere you’d love to see continuous easy color. Cut back to 6” in Winter & add a bit of compost in Spring for perfect appearance next season. Decent drainage. Drought tolerant!

Okay, here are some more links:

Calandrinia spectabilis.

Calandrinia spectabilis. This young plant already needs uppotting, but right now I don’t want to set back the blooms.