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The brugmansia is having one of its moments.

Red-Flowering Currant

The genus Ribes includes currants and gooseberries (the name is derived from a Farsi word meaning “acid-tasting”). Gooseberries bear thorns but currants are thornless. Gooseberry fruits are larger…

Iochroma cyanea ‘Royal Blue’

Just a photo for now.

Fuschia flowers

This fuschia plant was present on our property when we moved in. I don’t know what kind of fuschia it might be. It has suffered considerable neglect, yet…

Papaver rhoeas ‘Falling in Love’

Papaver rhoeas ‘Falling in Love’

Papaver rhoeas ‘Falling in Love’


Verbena lilacina (Lilac Verbena)

With Artemisia californica (California Sagebrush), Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy), and Erigeron karvinskianus (Santa Barbara Daisy).

Gruss an Aachen rose

Grüss an Aachen Rose

This has been a good year so far for the Grüss an Aachen rose.  

Aloe flower

After many years, our aloe has started to flower. I would have said it was an aloe vera, but according to SFGate, those flowers are yellow. The plant…

Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi’ (Angel’s Trumpet).


The brugmansia is flowering heavily this year.

Citrus Burst Rose

It might be just a few days after the solstice, but a few brave flowers are still giving their all on the Citrus Burst rose.

Sisyrinchium bellum, Blue-Eyed Grass

A California native.

Papaver glaucum, Tulip Poppy

Scabiosa anthemifolia

We were delighted this morning to discover a Monarch butterfly in the garden. We hadn’t been visited by one in several years, since the great decline. The Monarchs…

Grüss an Aachen Rose, again

The  Grüss an Aachen rose certainly loved our wet winter. This is just a photo post. For info about this rose, see this earlier post.    


This is one of the best times of year here for flowers in the garden.

Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi’

Not everything in the garden has to be obscure. ‘Charles Grimaldi’ is one of the most widely available cultivars of Brugmansia for a reason. It’s fragrant, attractive, and reliable….

Grüss an Aachen Rose update

I’ve talked about Grüss an Aachen roses before. I don’t grow a lot of roses, but I like this one. The problem with modern roses is that they…

Calandrinia spectabilis

Calandrinia spectabilis — the rare plant with no real common name (though some commercial growers are trying to brand it as Rock Purslane) — is native to the deserts of Chile….

Ornamental Plum Blossoms

After many years of working with color professionally, I know how to remove a color cast. But I like the blue cast here, and decided to leave it.

Anatomy of a flower: the poppy

A look at some of the components of the reproductive system of a flower, as well as some of the ways poppies are distinctive.