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Dim Sum

Gridskipper recommends the following Dim Sum restaurants in the city. What are they forgetting? Maybe as time goes by it will be possible to add to this list.


NOAA coast survey maps


Send in the tugs!

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  1. I’d give Yank Sing four stars but since it’s so popular, you can’t linger over your food. One of my favorite things to do is have a nice lunch with a good book to read; you can’t do that in Yank Sing. That said, their food is some of the best that I’ve had and it’s the place that I take visitors to but be sure to get there early. The lines around noon are long!
    For years, Hang Ah was one of my favorite places to do. I liked the clean utilitarian dining room and the alley itself is full of the history of Chinese in SF. However, the last time I took somebody there (2 years ago), I felt that the dim sum was substandard and the noodles far too oily.

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