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Best new restaurants in SF

Esquire magazine’s 2007 list of the best new restaurants in the U.S. includes two from San Francisco: LarkCreekSteak, and Cafe Majestic. I haven’t tried either of these. Does anyone have any experiences to report?


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  1. I have been to the Lark Creek Inn some time ago and liked it very much but then, I was “high” after a successful gallery sale so my opinion is probably not objective. I have not been to the Cafe Majestic but plan to for some sort of celebration dinner after the fuss engendered by the Esquire article dies a bit down. The reviews on Yelp are good. Wasn’t that opened by Stanley Ecklebaum, former critic for either the Chron or the Examiner back in the day?

  2. I forgot to add that I also didn’t break the bank with my meal. I had two appetizers which was plenty of food for me:
    steak tartar – crostini, fleur de sel, capers, onion 13.95
    whole leaf caesar salad – romaine, parmesan croutons 8.95 (don’t you love the 13.95 and 8.95 prices -who are they trying to fool?)
    plus a glass of wine and tip the whole meal came to under $40. That’s not something that I would do every week but well worth it once and a while. The atmosphere was quite nice and we did not have to endure the usual overhead racket misnamed “music” that so many restaurants inflict on their customers these days. Well, if there had been loud “music”. we would not have gone in.

  3. Thanks for that report!

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