limantour max

when you could be enjoying outdoor activities? According to Forbes magazine, if you live in SF you ought to be outside right now.

You see, what Forbes did was, well, let them tell it:

Using research from the nonprofit organization Trust for Public Land, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, we gathered data on parks spending per resident, park land as a percentage of city land, recreation facilities, air quality, precipitation, sunshine and temperature extremes for 40 major cities.

No minor cities for Forbes! So what did this research tell them? Just guess!

Both Seattle and Jacksonville entered into the top 15, and even cities known for inclement weather, like Minneapolis and Boston, ranked high. Still, it was San Francisco, home to both Frisbee-tossing hippies and endurance-athlete venture capitalists, which ranked first.

So there you are. Now get out there and lets see some endurance-athlete Frisbee tossing.