Presidio Trust changing the nature of the Presidio

build your own presidio theme park

The oversight agency for the Presidio proposes to construct not just the massive Fisher Art Museum but a 125-room hotel and new movie theaters as well, right in the middle of the park. Traffic would be directed to a hundred-space underground parking garage beneath the museum.

According to the Chronicle, The report acknowledges that the preferred scenario would create some parking and traffic problems and would significantly change the area, which is currently a historic landmark district.”

This whole business has been an inside job, of the kind the city specializes in, like the fake merger a decade or so ago between the Chronicle and the Examiner. That was supposed to give us an expanded morning paper and keep competition alive with an afternoon one (it actually gave a few months of an extra page of comics, followed by years of staff layoffs from the consistently diminishing Chronicle and the shredding of the Examiner leading to its transformation into a giveaway).

Fisher had this deal lined up from the beginning, and there was no way his buddies on the trust were going to cross him. That’s just the way things go in the city by the bay.


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  1. The city that know how — to mess up a spectacular park. Sometimes I feel that the Teapot Dome scandal is nothing compared to what goes on here, or in Washington DC.


  2. Pershing

    The satire about the Presidio is right on. Why not a carnival roller coaster in a national park? If they can build a big white modern art museum in our park, why not the roller coaster, a highrise or even corporate offices for the guy who wants to build the museum?

  3. you’re absolutely right. let’s all show up at the hearing at the presidio next monday at 6:00pm so we can at least go on the record as opposing this.