Datura pod.

Shown is the pod, or fruit, of Sacred Datura, Datura wrightii, a species native to California and elsewhere in the southwest and northern Mexico. Other common names of the plant are Western Jimsonweed, California Jimsonweed, Sacred Thorn-Apple, Tolguacha, and Toloache. D. wrightii is one of several species in the datura genus. One was said to have been the Hindu deity Shiva’s favorite flower. (I will talk about the flowers in another post.) Another was used in Haitian zombie potions. (For more, see the Wikipedia link below.)

Eventually the pod will turn brown and harden. Then it will crack and disperse some hundred seeds in a wide area. The seeds can be dried and planted. Some healers have used Datura wrightii seeds to treat ailments like asthma or as a pain reliever, or for its hallucinogenic and visionary effects. Do not try this. Like all parts of the plant, the seeds are quite poisonous — a fatal dose is about 15-20 seeds.

Link: “Datura” at Wikipedia.