P. Joseph Potocki

What has become of P. Joseph Potocki, I wonder. He produced a most peculiar Frisco (Phrisco?) blog called San Francisco Phax & Phikshun. The last post on the blog is dated October 2, 2006. I doubt that he is Joseph P. Potocki. Where has the fellow gone?

Here’s is his summary of the sixteenth century in the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • 1500’s: Nudist Natives live la-la-la-like in Bay Area Nirvana
  • 1542: Aspiring Conquistador Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo blows by Bay
  • 1579: Pirate (not yet Sir) Francis Drake plugs holes in his Hind at Point Reyes
  • 1595: His ship sinks, spices up Drake’s Bay, then Sebastian Cermeno paddles back to Acapulco
  • 1597: Nonplussed Natives yawn, resume civilized customs, until return of stinky death-cult barbarians–two centuries later

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  1. And I thought I was the master of the obscure webpages but you’ve got me beat. Where do you find these things?

  2. I just noticed the time you posted this. Darn, you are an early riser! I thought I was doing well to get up at 8 AM but you sure have me beat.

  3. I do get up early but I’ve settled into a rhythm of scheduling my posts to publish at 5:00 am (8:00 eastern) each day, regardless of when I write them. I used to just publish them whenever, so that I’d do a bunch at once and then have a gap, but now I keep to a pretty regular pattern.

  4. Hail Thomas,

    Kudos for your informative and provocative venture. Just stumbled over your blog today. Frisco Vista is a delight I will continue to read.

    As for me—yes, the peculiarities continue. While taking a hiatus from SF Phax & Phikshun I’ve launched Bay Time Reporter:

    Bay Time Reporter, the blog, reprints my weekly newspaper column of the same name published in the equally obscure Rohnert Park Community Voice.

    If you’re into time-bent San Francisco Bay Area fiction—the first 11 episodes of my serial novel Bay Time Detective are at:

    Bay Time Detective is currently in development as a 24 part 1/2 hour episodic radio drama/comedy aimed at public and community radio. Just think Rocky & Bullwinkle set in Frisco for radio. We’re currently auditioning acting talent, so, step right up! We really need a dynamite Mikki Bingo.

  5. So there you are, Joseph! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your links.

  6. john Bellingham

    I’m looking for a Joseph Potocki article on Sugar Daddy (Adolph Spreckels) and his wife Alma de Bretteville, that a Wiikipedia foot note on Alma de Bretteville, sources to the Bay Times Reporter.
    Problem is, the footnoted web site has been taken down.
    Do you or one of your readers happen to have it the article?
    My particular interest is determining whether the term “Sugar Daddy” originated with Adolph Sprinkels, owner of Speckels Sugar courtship of the much younger Alma.