muybridge panorama of san francisco, 1877

Eadweard Muybridge produced two panoramas of the city. This one, made in January 1877 (the same year he produced photographic evidence that a trotting horse may lift all four hooves off the ground), was shot from the Mark Hopkins Mansion at California and Mason. Muybridge used 13 different cameras to make the image. At America Hurrah you can click the panorama thumbnails to see larger versions.

UPDATE: The American Hurrah link has gone bad. One place you can still find at least a portion of a larger version is cameraplex. (There the first panorama is dated to 1878.) Below is a detail.

Muybridge, San Francisco panorama, detail, ca 1877-78

Muybridge, San Francisco panorama, detail, ca 1877-78.