Transbay station could soon be obsolete

slumping transbay planAnd it’s not even built yet.

Remember these transbay terminal designs? It turns out, according to “state transportation officials,” the terminal would be inadequate to serve projected travelers, and it would also pose engineering problems.

“Three sets of engineers met and they concurred that the design for the station was inadequate and useless for high-speed rail,” according to Quentin Kopp.

Another triumph for the City That Once Knew How.


Story via the Chronicle. Enjoy it, because the paper says it might not stay in business much longer.


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  1. I recently did a post over on my blog about the city’s most phallic-looking structures so the photo on this post totally caught my eye. But the info is really interesting too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the update on what’s going on with this.