The Cake Gallery

barbie cake from the cake gallery, san franciscoThe Cake Gallery, located at 290 9th Street (at Folsom) has made a name for itself by offering a line of x-rated cakes. But, according to their website, “the majority of our custom cakes are actually delivered to businesses and children’s parties.” And indeed, at my day job I recently sampled a cake decorated with a map of Hawaii for a colleague who is moving there.

In addition to their erotic cakes, they offer kids’ birthday cakes, 50th birthday cakes, 3-D cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cakes, over-the-hill birthday cakes, unique cartoon cakes for kids, bachelor party cakes, celebrity birthday cakes, baptism cakes, and novelty cakes for kids. Fortunately, their cakes are better than their photography — I did what I could with this image of a 3-D Barbie cake.

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  1. Have you ever walked by their store? The window display can be, shall we say, interesting.

  2. I have indeed. I used to work nearby. You would not guess from the window display that the majority of their orders are for businesses and children’s parties.

  3. Maybe they were precocious kids and liberal (very very liberal) businessmen (and women)?