Oakland Hillbillies

max baer, jr.The provocative Mr. Charles Barkley, an NBA legend in his own estimation and currently a TNT network commentator, referred a moment ago to “Golden State” as a “a “smoky little town” full of hillbillies. Certainly an original take from Barkley (who was born and raised in rural Leeds, Alabama), as you’d be hard-pressed to find a home in the Oakland Hills for under half a million dollars.

Still, I can think of one Oakland Hillbilly. Max Baer, Jr. (Maximilian Adalbert Baer, Jr.), was born in Oakland in 1937. His father was the heavyweight boxer Max Baer, Sr. At the University of Santa Clara he studied business administration and philosophy, but he ended up pursuing a career as an actor. His best-known role? Jethro Bodine on The Beverly Hillbillies.

It would be a great part for Barkley — known as the Round Clown of Rebound — if they ever do another remake.

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  1. my favorite barkleyism regarding the bay area was his quote mentioning that the bay area is for folks who can’t afford to live in la. come again?

    someone needs to send chucky the zillow url.