If you’re going to San Francisco, it’s still okay to wear flowers in your hair …

… but be sure to arrive with a job, it says here.

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  1. That article has certainly generated a lot of comments in the WSJ Forum – very interesting. I think that if I were graduating from high school now, instead of back in 1963, I would not come to SF. I love the city but the tight job market and high prices are certainly not what I anticipated when I came here. But nothing beats 20-20 hindsight.

  2. San Francisco is an amazing city. I absolutely love it. Not the weather, though… Sure, when it’s a clear day and the sun is out, it’s spectacular. It does tend to be cool and windy, though. There are some crazy microclimates there–on a summer day, San Francisco might be in the 60s/70ish, Berkeley or Oakland in the 70s, and then just east of the hills it could be 100!