mural house in san francisco

I used to work at the foot of the Filbert Steps, at Filbert and Sansome. It’s not a an area that’s famous for controversy. Should we feed the parrots was the biggest issue I remember. But now, a little farther up the hill, the mural shown above apparently is ruffling some feathers.

At least, according to SF Curbed

What once was La Torre restaurant (on the Filbert Steps, at Montgomery) is soon to be a single-family home, whose mural-covered facade is the already the nabe’s Kvetch du Jour, according to a local’s report from the Curbed SF inbox. The nabes is divided, apparently, between those who find it pleasant, and those who believe that painting the outside of one’s house is akin to playing music too loudly, or cribbing the neighbor’s electricity in order to power your Christmas display— It’s just bad business.

SF Curbed is running a poll to see how its readers fall out on the issue. At this writing “Murals: should the nabes have a say? Hell, no! Private property is private property” is winning hands down.