QM2 Arrives in San Francisco

qm2While most of the U.S. was watching the Superbowl, a sizable contingent of San Franciscans congregated at the Golden Gate to welcome the Queen Mary II to the city, a stop on her 81-day world cruise. San Francisco sits aside a giant bay, and it has seen a lot of vessels come and go — several Gold Rush vessels, abandoned by their avaricious crews, make up a portion of the landfill under the Financial District — but the QM2 is the biggest ever to visit the city. In fact, it barely squeezed under the Golden Gate Bridge (with 12 feet to spare). The vessel is four times the height of Telegraph Hill and some 280 feet longer than the Transamerica Pyramid is tall.

Piece and Bits was among the throng of spectators, and she has provided Frisco Vista with some photos. The photo above shows the armada of sailboats that accompanied the ocean liner in its journey into the bay. My favorite picture, however, is the one below. It captures the festive spirit of the San Franciscans who made the visit a cheerful event (and an excuse to enjoy a nice February day by the bay). Thanks, Sista Annie.


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  1. annexensen

    fabulous photos!