What is it?

mystery san francisco artwork

It’s a detail from an artwork prominently displayed in an often-visited place in San Francisco. Who can guess what the artwork is? Take a wild stab! Points for artist, style, well, anything really …

Answer tomorrow.

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  1. annexensen

    It certainly looks like an aerial view of a land mass and water..I cannot figure out the location though.

  2. hmmm…some sculpture in some pond in some park in some place?

  3. Warmer …

  4. This is a pretty neat piece – if I’m right, it is just outside the deYoung museum walls. The artist is Zhan Wang, it’s very tall, and there are a number of pieces in the series – titled “Scholars Rock” I think.

  5. Bingo! Koko nails it. Well done.

    (More photos tomorrow.)

  6. Howard Junker

    i totally agree with koko, altho i would have inserted an apostrafee to make the possessive of scholars.