Growing by the Bay

Vicki Saulls

vicki saulls

Vicki Saulls does interesting ceramic sculpture. The image above is from the North Beach pool and clubhouse in San Francisco. The work was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

I’d like to show you her beautiful California native plant ceramic tiles. But that image is running with a copyright notice, so I can’t. This is why I urge you to consider replacing copyright notices with creative commons licenses.


San Francisco, Open Your Golden Gate


A street-level view of the city’s neighborhoods


  1. Tom – I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding this issue. I hope that you find it interesting.

  2. Hi.. Tom?
    Thank you for posting a pic of some of my art.. You are more than welcome and have my permission to add other images as well to your site.. the sliding door on the east side of the North Beach Pool and Clubhouse, representative of the topography of the surrounding neighborhood.. the native plant tiles at Union Square.. “From the Heart Outwards” in the lobby of the Eureka Valley rec center in the Castro neighborhood as well as the large hand tiles set in the columns out front along the street, and/or the concrete sea animal sculptures (Hermit Crabs, Sea Turtle & Pelican) at the newly renovated and fairly recently reopened Koret Children’s Playyground in Golden Gate Park.. I do have more artwork around the bay area and in Yosemite but those are my works in San Francisco specifically.
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Vicki Saulls

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