An alternative to the Fisher Museum?

An alternative proposal to the Fisher Art Museum in the Presidio has been put forward by a group of historians and conservationists. The group supports a smaller museum devoted to the local history. Will the proposal get a fair hearing? Doubtful. The Chronicle reports:

Opponents of Fisher’s museum plan complain that the competition sounds more wide open than it is. The formal request for proposals, for example, says that any new building “should take advantage of roof levels for display of public art,” something that works a lot better for an art museum than a history center.

The trust’s plan “was specifically designed to accommodate the contemporary art museum,” said Whitney Hall, one-time commandant of the Presidio and now a director of the historical association.

Trust officials deny that the art museum is a done deal. The directors will listen to the competing proposals at a Dec. 3 meeting and then make a decision based on what’s best for the Presidio, said Dana Polk, a spokeswoman for the Presidio Trust.

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  1. The more I read about the FIsher Museum, the more dubious I became, both about the collection and the potential “footprint” on the Presidio. But money and power trump taste and courtesy to the environment – at least, that seems to have always been the case. I just finished reading a book comparing us to Ancient Rome. Some of the parallels – including the power and obscene wealth of a few – are frightening.

  2. Have you seen the drawings in the Chron? The comments are not favorable, either about the building or Mr. Fisher.

  3. I missed that! I’ll be sure to check it out, thanks.