Growing by the Bay

Month: July 2008

Aerial photo of 1949 San Francisco

This photo was taken in 1949 by San Francisco Chronicle photographer Barney Peterson. It was discovered by the Sparkletack blogger Richard Miller’s aunt among his grandfather’s archives. The photo is copyright the Chronicle, but I hope they won’t mind my posting this small version; the image links to the Sparkletack post.

aerial photograph of san francisco, 1949



Two hoopsters with Bay Area ties — Baron Davis and Steve Nash — appear in this spoof of the movie Step Brothers. Nash outshines Diddy in this one.

San Francisco values


It’s all too easy sometimes to get down on the Bay Area. But then you come upon information like this.

San Francisco recycles 69 percent of its total waste. Okay, for comparison, what percentage does Houston recycle?

a. 2.6 percent
b. 18.6 percent
c. 26.6 percent
d. 44.6 percent

And a bonus question:

25,000 Houston residents have been waiting as long as _____ to get recycling bins from the city.

Answers after the jump.

Photo Wednesday: Mount Diablo

mount diablo

This photo of a view from Mt. Diablo in the East Bay comes from zevek’s photostream.


Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch


More than one hundred examples of work by San Francisco artist Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch will be on sale at Tiny showcase at 7:30 EST, July 15. Via San Francisco Art & Design Lover.


Name this city: the answer revealed

This week we’ve seen images of Market Street, Gough Street, Lombard Street, and Fell Street, all located in the same U.S. city. Which city? The answer is revealed after the jump

Name this city: Fell Street

fell street

Okay, over the past few posts we’ve seen Market Street, Lombard Street, Gough Street, and now Fell Street. What’s this city?

Here’s a bonus clue: The city we’ve been looking at features a Holocaust Memorial, located across from the U.S. Custom House on Gay Street.

gay street holocaust memorial

Answer in next post.


Name this city: Lombard Street

lombard street

We’ve seen Market Street, Gough Street, and now Lombard Street. Where are we?


Name this city: Gough Street

gough street

Continuing the series started with the previous post. Where do we find this Gough Street?


Name this city: Market Street

market street

Okay, a lot of cities have Market Streets. Stay tuned for a better clue . . .


Friday Fireworks

fireworks in san francisco

Linking fourth . . .

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” — Benjamin Franklin


photo from tinou bao’s photostream


Jazz in the city

miles davis

What do these folks — Randy Newman, Dave Brubeck, Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, and Arturo Sandoval — have in common? They are all part of the lineup for the 26th Annual San Francisco Jazz Festival. The festival runs from October 3 through November 9, and tickets go on Sale July 13.

Okay, Miles Davis won’t be there (maybe in spirit; that’s one of my Illustrator artworks over at the right). But Miles from India will.


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