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It’s all too easy sometimes to get down on the Bay Area. But then you come upon information like this.

San Francisco recycles 69 percent of its total waste. Okay, for comparison, what percentage does Houston recycle?

a. 2.6 percent
b. 18.6 percent
c. 26.6 percent
d. 44.6 percent

And a bonus question:

25,000 Houston residents have been waiting as long as _____ to get recycling bins from the city.

Answers after the jump.

Houston: it’s not San Francisco. Not by a long shot!

Percentage of its total waste recycled by Houston:

a. 2.6 percent


25,000 Houston residents have been waiting as long as ten years to get recycling bins from the city.

Be proud, San Franciscans!


via HuffingPost



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  1. Did you see the article in today’s Chron where Newsom is trying to get the garbage men to snoop in our garbage cans to make sure that we are “doing it right?” I recycle – well, I put out my cans, etc so that the street people can sell them at the corner recycling place at Safeway but poking through smelly garbage to see if there are a few cans along with your rancid fruit rinds? Gag?

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