Rebranding Boalt Hall

Why UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall needed to rebrand I can’t imagine — the school is already one of the country’s best-known and most respected law schools. But I guess there’s hardly anyone these days who is immune to the siren song of “rebranding,” one of the most pervasive of business fads. For whatever reason, Boalt — which got its old name from judge John Henry Boalt, whose widow donated most of the money to build the Boalt Memorial Hall of Law in 1911 — felt the need, and they paid a consultant around $25,000 to come up with a new name. According to Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. , the money was well spent to come up with UC Berkeley School of Law.

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  1. Good grief – what a waste! I am definitely in the wrong business. For $25,000 I could have come up with that name or even something better. UC is reverting to its old wasteful ways – just as I thought it would.

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