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San Francisco skyline from Kensington hills

unitarian universalist church of berkeley

Here’s a view of the SF skyline as seen from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley (which despite its name is located in Kensington), where I attended a family wedding on Saturday.


Rebranding Boalt Hall

Why UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall needed to rebrand I can’t imagine — the school is already one of the country’s best-known and most respected law schools. But I guess there’s hardly anyone these days who is immune to the siren song of “rebranding,” one of the most pervasive of business fads. For whatever reason, Boalt — which got its old name from judge John Henry Boalt, whose widow donated most of the money to build the Boalt Memorial Hall of Law in 1911 — felt the need, and they paid a consultant around $25,000 to come up with a new name. According to Dean Christopher Edley, Jr. , the money was well spent to come up with UC Berkeley School of Law.

Lily and snake

water lily and snake at University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Here’s another in my series of photos of water lilies. This is from the University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley. With this one you get a bonus: a water snake on one of the pads.

Lily 1 (Getty Villa)
Lily 2 (San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers) (Illustrator artwork)
More to come …

Chicago-style Pizza

Robin Slomkowski blogs about Chicago-style pizzas in San Francisco:

I actually got to have good Chicago Style Pizza in SF at Little Star. I tend to categorize Chicago style Pizza’s into Giordano’s (my favorite), Edwardo’s, Gino’s, and “Modern Chicago Uno’s” (Uno’s is generally credited as the creator of Chicago style pizza, but the chains stores out of Chicago don’t serve the same product, nor does Uno’s in Chicago compared to what it ued to make). Little Star is a pretty good take on Edwardo’s style.

I’m filing this away for future research.

The best deep-dish pizza in the wider San Francisco Bay Area is undoubtedly Zachary’s in Berkeley and Oakland (and now San Ramon, but I haven’t tried that one.

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