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  1. Any info on WHY Andy Ross resigned? Voluntary or forced?

  2. I don’t know. For all I know Andy made the best possible decisions … but … looking at Cody’s from the outside: they closed their beloved Telegraph store in favor of the soulless box on Fourth Street, and they invested heavily in a questionable, quixotic attempt to compete in the Union Square area, which always seemed an extreme longshot at best. So after decades of stability the store is now in a very uncertain situation.

  3. Well, the store on Telegraph was surrounded by street people. I worked in hospitals most of my life, was familiar with and not intimidated by them and even I stopped going to Telegraph because the street people were so thick on the ground, so loud and so aggressive. The store on Union was a big mistake – too big, too much competition from Virgin just down the street and probably a huge rent as well. I think they could have made it in SF if they had started out smaller but I agree that it was a huge, and ultimately costly gamble. But when somebody else buys your store, you know that your performance will be on the line. Unfortunately, all the big stores are facing competition from the Internet so it’s a shame that he didn’t just find his niche and deepen his share of the market before making such expensive changes.

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