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Tavern on the Green NOT coming to San Francisco

tavern on the green

Okay, it will be called Tavern on the Green (I guess). Okay, it will be a branch of the pretentious New York restaurant (more frequented by tourists than locals). But there’s just no way the Metreon is by any stretch of the imagination green. It’s not remotely comparable to Central Park. The New York restaurant might be known for its ostentatious decor, but chandeliers and mirrors alone would not draw the out-of-towners — it’s the location that has made it a destination since the 1930s.

So now the restaurant is bringing its Eisenhower-era menu with its petrodollar prices to fill the top floor of the Metreon, maybe the phoniest, most soulless and artificial retail complex in the city. The Metreon experience is the equivalent of taking all the annoying cell phones and IPods that bother you on BART and packing them into one monstrous box intruding on what was formerly a pleasant part of the city.

I suppose in some cynical sort of profiteering way that’s perfect. But they should call it Tavern for the Greenback.




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  1. I remember all the groveling and laudatory reviews in the Chron when the Metreon was opened. I want there and was appalled by the noise and the overpriced stores and restaurants. I guess I wasn’t the only one with that opinion because the stores closed, one by one. Now SF is getting a “Tavern on the Green?” Oh Joy. One more step toward turning the city that used to know how into a big, suburban strip mall.

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