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Governor says “screw SF”

I’m back from vacation, just in time to find that governor Arnold has sent a not very subtle message to the city by the bay, and the California legislature. As reported in the Guardian’s online site, the governor sent the following letter accompanying his veto of a bill sponsored by SF Assemblyman Tom Ammiano that would have strengthened the financing of the Port of San Francisco.

To decipher the governor’s real message, read the first letters of each line of the two main paragraphs.

I long for the day we have a grown-up person in the governor’s office.


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  1. Whover wrote this comment is one dumb cluck. No doubt a supporter of sodomy and abortion with no sense of humor and o so serious about things that don’t matter

    “I long for the day we have a grown-up person in the governor’s office.”

  2. This is utterly amazing but I’m not really surprised. Let’s hope that the California electorate will be smarter the next time around but I’m not optimistic. At least, Newsom dropped out of the race so we have one less fool to contend with. Maybe that’s harsh but California has sure paid dearly for choices based on pretty faces and muscles sans ethics or any genuine vision for the state (and not just the wealthy segment of it).

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