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It occurred to me that while there is a place for comments for each of these posts, I didn’t have a place for open-ended comments about this site, its html pages, or its general topics. I could set up a guestbook or a forum, but for now I would rather use the blog format. So this post will serve as an open forum. Please leave your general comments or questions here.


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  1. annexensen

    My experience with guestbooks is that ultimately people spam them and you have to spend a heck of alot of time moderating the guestbook. I removed most of the guestbooks that I put in the websites I built for people.

  2. Carla

    This is the coolest San Francisco site I’ve found so far. I’ve added you to my feed reader!

  3. Henry

    San Francisco is such a cool place. I love your site and hope to get back to San Fran Soon.

  4. Bahama Mamba

    im thinking about moving to san fransisco so im glad i found your blog to read about it thanks

  5. Rika

    Hi from South Africa! Have never been to San Fransisco, but I hope I will be able to visit it some day. It always sounds so beautiful. Your blog is a great platform for it. I enjoyed reading the posts.

    (edited by xensen per policies, no keywords in names)

  6. Po Kerbon

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