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The Bay Area’s most livable suburbs

el sobrante recommended by forbes magazine

The Bay Area’s most livable suburbs, according to Forbes magazine, are all in the East Bay. They include

  • Vallejo (“Vallejo can be considered a part of San Francisco’s East Bay, but it also acts as the gateway to the wine country of Napa Valley from the larger cities of Oakland and San Francisco.”)
  • Hercules (“Normally, a [home] price over $700,000 wouldn’t be considered affordable, but Hercules is in the Bay Area, where “affordable” is a relative term.”)
  • El Sobrante (“El Sobrante is located north of Richmond and Oakland, just off of Interstate 80, which leads to San Francisco. For a shade under the area’s median price, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home offers 2,483 square feet of interior space and views of the surrounding mountains.”)

I live in El Sobrante (where are the “surrounding mountains”?), but this strikes me as a very odd list indeed. There are more distinguished and exciting places in the Bay Area than these. But I guess that’s not what Forbes was looking for.


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  1. im hoping to move to San Fransisco soon so this is really helpful thanks!

    Ash 🙂

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