Growing by the Bay

Friday Roundup

Notes from a week of travel in virtual NoCal.

Duly quoted:

  • Ray Ratto: Why doesn’t L.A. have a professional football team? Because then the Bay Area would want one too.


Historical map of San Francisco Creeks


San Francisco neighborhoods


  1. I was going to make a snippy comment but then, I remember the trashing I got when I commented on another one of your posts. That one was, I believe, about the people on a particular sports board. So I will keep my opinions to myself except to point out a few stellar examples of professional sports players – OJ and Michael Vick. I am sure that there are great guys in professional sports but the current sports culture doesn’t seem to support that very much. So, does the Bay Area NEED a professional football team? Why not soccer? That’s more widely played than American football; it’s rough, it’s tough and it has a huge world wide following (with the scandals as well, I’m sure).
    So, go ahead and flame me (dons asbestos flame retardant suit)

  2. Nancy, those guys at the Warriors forum are out of control. You have to have a thick skin. If it’s any consolation, they are just as harsh on each other.

    The Ratto comment is, of course, a joke about how bad our local professional football teams, the 49ers and Raiders, are.

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