SF Bay Area Native Test

san francisco bay area native quiz results

I generally resist taking tests at OkCupid, but I figured as the webmaster of Frisco Vista I was obliged to take the SF Bay Area Native Test. It requires you to know some local advertising jingles and the like.

I knew to score well I would have to lie on the questions about Frisco and Los Angeles. San Francisco natives, bless their souls, have a handful of provencial hobbyhorses that they think are cute and cling to dearly. They don’t know the true history of the word frisco, for example, but only Herb Caen’s admonition not to use it. And they think they’re cool when they make fun of L.A., not realizing that it just makes them look small town.

But if you live here for any length of time you learn that this is what being a native is supposed to mean.

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  1. frisco_zig

    agree on the frisco thing obviously and the animus towards LA is from the cradle but then we are a small town so there you go. It has everything to do with history and self conscienceness. LA has little of either

  2. Small is in the eye of the beholder. Where would you rather eat – McDonald’s (huge mega corporation) or any number of small, unique restaurants. On the other hand, sometimes SF’s provincial attitude is irritating, esp. as regards the arts. LA has come a long way in the last decade with art venues, support for local artists and first class museums. Plus, they have the Getty.