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Library main branch remodel

The main branch of the San Francisco public library unveiled its new remodel today. Somehow they have created a great deal more space, so that the entire fiction collection is now on the shelves.

fiction stacks, san francisco library main brnch

The audio-visual center has moved from the fourth floor to the ground floor. It looks pretty spiffy.

audio-visual center, san francisco library main branch

I like the automated checkout machines, which have been operating for some time now.

automated checkout machinese, san francisco library main branch

I’m not so sure about the automated return. It’s said to automatically sort books by intended destination, which must be a help, but it has no safeguard to prevent people from returning empty CD cases without the CD inside.

book returns, sf library

I like libraries.

get a library card for the san francisco public library


Lee Friedlander retrospective at SFMOMA


San Francisco skyline from Bay Bridge

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  1. I visited the Main yesterday and wrote about it here: plus a link to your page. I like the changes but every time I go to the Main Library, I”m reminded of what a mess the design is. A couple of my friends are librarians and work there and the tales they tell of the planning and building process would raise your blood pressure!

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