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San Francisco Bay wind patterns

UPDATE, Oct. 2017. The best resource for current wind patterns now seems to be sailflow. A detail of a screen capture from the site is shown above. The…

California Rises from the Drought

This Nasa “video” is really a slideshow. You might want to turn the music down or off. Cool photos from space though.

Rain rain rain!

Strange weather

Carol is thinking it might be too early this year to start our tomatoes. It’s been cold and rainy for many days, and there is no break in…

Running hot and cold

We have had weird swings this spring and summer between long chilly stretches and brief scorching temperatures. The reason is clear: the ice caps are melting, and as…

San Francisco Climate

The best summary seems to be via Golden Gate Weather Services.

Golden Gate Bridge in the fog

Cold ocean fog gets sucked through the Golden Gate, the narrow opening to the bay. The bridge that connects San Francisco at the south with Marin County at…