Growing by the Bay

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Video: War protest, 1967

This newsreel footage documents 1967 antiwar in San Francisco and elsewhere.



Two hoopsters with Bay Area ties — Baron Davis and Steve Nash — appear in this spoof of the movie Step Brothers. Nash outshines Diddy in this one.

Explore San Francisco (student video)

The producer of this student video, David Carmona, is asking for feedback. What do you think? Does this present a fair picture of the city?

SF Trek

trekking in san francisco

via Laughing Squid

Bay Respect

Thanks to Eruthros for pointing out these two Bay Area-related videos. They may at first seem unrelated, but both are calls for respect. First, a music video for Zion I‘s “The Bay.” In the video the hip hop group drives around the Bay Area, through many of the locations referenced in the song.

The second video is dedicated to the Golden State Warriors’ long-suffering scoring guard Jason Richardson, who has finally made the NBA playoffs for the first time this year. Nice sound track. There’s a bit of hip hop in this video too.

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