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The Nature of Plants coverPlants live their lives just as we do, surrounded by loved ones, competitors.and enemies; seeking to find harmony and health; and hoping to leave behind a legacy of well-adjusted progeny capable of carrying on after their demise. Like us, they have evolved complicated pathways and behaviors to accomplish this. We are not really that different …

The Nature of Plants: An Introduction to How Plants Work, by Craig Huegel

Please see my for a full review of this exceptional book about plants and gardening.

Bay Nature

bay nature

Bay Nature magazine, to the surprise of many, has managed to stay afloat for several years now. They’ve even started broadcasting on public television stations. It shows how much the Bay Area values its natural setting (relevant to this recent issue and this recent issue, for example).

I do think their website would be better served if it had some content on its home page — a few paragraphs from a feature article, say — rather than just a bunch of links, arranged seemingly randomly.

Encyclopedia of San Francisco

julia morgan entry at the encyclopedia of san francisco

The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society in putting together an encyclopedia of the city. Right now there isn’t much up, but if they follow through with this ambitious project it should end up being a helpful resource.

It’s too bad there’s no feed so that one could be alerted of new entries. Right now the only way to find new items, as far as I can see, would be to scroll through the alphabet — hardly a solution that will encourage return visits.

Free San Francisco WiFi Spots

Someone has made a mashup that overlays free WiFi locations on a Google map of the city. I don’t know if it’s the most complete or accurate list, but the map function is convenient.

free san francisco wireless internet locations

San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory

I just discovered this on-line resource.

Women’s Guide to San Francisco

Girlfriend Getaways offers tips for women on nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and siteseeing in San Francisco. The suggestions aren’t bad (nor are they brilliant), but what I don’t get is the women’s angle, since few of them are gender-issued. Ah, the mysteries of marketing.

Link Roundup: San Francisco Area Restaurants

Here are some links to Bay Area restaurants that have been showing up lately:

Does anyone use any of these sites? Are there others you would recommend?

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