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Many ducks.

The morning commute


This brings back memories of my commute to San Francisco’s Civic Center, right down to the honking and passing along the shoulder. The traffic here is just moving a bit faster.

At this South African vineyard, a thousand Indian Runner Ducks keep the vines free of snails. The ducks are probably more enthusiastic workers than most of my fellow commuters. But then, they get paid in snails.

I guess all our garden needs now is a few hundred ducks.

flummoxed deer

Bambi Flummoxed

bambi flummoxed

Okay, I got a little overconfident. We hadn’t had much deer damage in several days, and I needed to access the tomatoes. So I half opened up the cage I had put around them. That same night the deer ate all approximately 120 Sungold tomatoes, the damned gluttons. That was the last straw! (Also, the last tomato.) I constructed a seven-foot deer fence, which I had been putting off doing because of the difficult length and slope of the property. (This version of the fence is still a little improvisational, and soon eventually I will do a more attractive version.)

Now I have the enormous satisfaction of watching the wildlife down in the back forty, knowing that they are not getting into the garden.

Physical barriers are the only way to control deer. Forget all the other supposed solutions.

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