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Sierra color

Last month I spent a week in the Sierra near the town of Pioneer. There was some nice fall color. This photo is from a set taken at…

Morro Rock

A morro (a Spanish word for pebble) is a rocky outcrop rising from shallow waters — the Sugar Loaf in Rio is one famous example; Morro Rock in…

Hearst Castle gardens

Hearst Castle offers five tours covering different parts of the buildings and grounds. One of these is the garden tour. The gardens are not spectacular, but they are decent examples of the mediterranean style.

At this time in spring, lantana is a prominent feature.

lantana at hearst castle

San Simeon outdoor pool

The outdoor pool at San Simeon epitomizes the site’s southern Spanish Renaissance and gothic style. Construction is primarily of poured concrete, embellished with European antiguities and facsimilies thereof….

Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, Cambria, California

Mr. Vista is relaxing in Cambria on the Central California Coast — as well as I can considering the frigid weather. Cambria is best known for the nearby…

Pool at Hearst Castle

  Just a photo today, as we head south a little bit, to Hearst Castle near Cambria. This is one of the opulent indoor pools.

Weekend getaways from San Francisco

Carrie Katz has a pretty good summary of weekend getaways from the city. I photographed the pelican at right at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. >> POSTING WILL BE…