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According to Forbes Magazine, Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco is the world’s seventh-best tourist attraction (Times Square is first).

So how come I so seldom go there?

Sea Lions Turn Ornery

sea lion
public domain image

It’s not just San Francisco. Sea lions everywhere seem to be getting feisty. Last year, in a reenactment of The Wild Bunch, a renegade gang of sea lions took over a marina in Newport Beach and sank a yacht that was harbored there. And in Alaska a couple of years ago a sea lion jumped into a fisherman’s boat, pulled him out, and nearly drowned him.

No one’s sure why the sea lions are in such a foul mood. Some speculate that agricultural runoff and other polution, which can lead to the poisoning of the animals, may be at fault. Others say they’re just in a cranky mood. Whatever the case, these guys can weigh 1000 pounds, so consider keeping a little distance.

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