Name this city: the answer revealed

This week we’ve seen images of Market Street, Gough Street, Lombard Street, and Fell Street, all located in the same U.S. city. Which city? The answer is revealed after the jump

china room

Here’s a close-up of the banners:

baltimore banners



  1. Actually, I’m assuming Wash DC because that’s where you’ve been this week. I know that we don’t have a Holocaust Memorial and Washington DC does so I’m making a wild guess here.

  2. Sorry, my internet was limited when I did this and I didn’t realize the banners were illegible at this size. I’ve added a blow-up to make the answer clearer.

    Later on I hope to get the chance to find out if their Gough and Lonbard are related to ours somehow.

    Don’t we have a holocaust memorial out at the Legion of Honor?

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