Taqueria Castillo

taqueria castillo

Taqueria Castillo is a little hole in the wall place near where I work in Civic Center. As you can see from the sign, this is Taqueria Castillo B — there is another branch on Golden Gate, and maybe more.

The decor isn’t much, I guess — and neither is the location, on McAllister near 7th, for that matter. I would say about 90 percent of the people who eat there or get food for take-out order burritos.

But a good value on the menu is the huevos con chorizo. For around six dollars you get beans of choice, rice, eggs with chorizo, salsa, a salad (with avocado), and jalapenos and other options, along with a basket of steaming hot corn tortillas.

huevos con chorizo



  1. Well, darn. Now you’ve spilled the beans on one of my favorite restaurants. I like to stop there after a shopping trip to the Farmer’s Market and refuel; shopping is just soooo exhausting.

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